When a bowler takes three wickets in the span of three deliveries, it is known as a “hat trick.” Have you ever considered what it might be like for a batsman to score three runs or the equivalent? The response, if you hadn’t already guessed, is six balls and six sixes. It is rare to get six sixes in a row or a hat trick in a single over. In this article, we’ll talk about who holds the record for hitting six sixes in a row off of six balls in international cricket as well as the hitters who have done it.

Top 4 players with 6 ball 6 six record

Herschelle Gibbs

It is referred to as a “hat trick” when a bowler gets three wickets in the course of three deliveries. Have you ever imagined what it could be like for a batsman to get three runs, or the equivalent? Six balls and six sixes are the answer, in case you hadn’t guessed it by now. A single over with a hat trick or six consecutive sixes is uncommon. The record for six consecutive sixes off of six balls in international cricket will be discussed in this article, along with the players that achieved it.

The second six followed suit, but they were far away. The third six followed the same route. Under duress, the weak leg spinner delivered a full toss that was successfully dispatched over mid-wicket. In anticipation of Gibbs breaking the 6-ball 6-six record list, the entire crowd went berserk and rose up. He definitely delivered.

The short delivery was again mishit over long off on the fifth ball. Bunge decided to bowl a medium-pace delivery to stop Gibbs from hitting six consecutive sixes. But the outcome stayed the same. Gibbs smashed the most sixes ever in a six-ball over when the short delivery was lifted over mid-wicket.

Yuvraj Singh

The Indian talisman set a new record for the most sixes in a six-ball span during the opening game of the 2007 T20 World Cup in Durban against England. The bowler in this occasion was Stuart Broad. Before to the event, Yuvraj Singh and England star Andrew Flintoff had heated arguments. Surprisingly, while not participating in the verbal combat, Stuart Broad took the brunt of Yuvraj’s rage.

India was already in a terrific position at 171/3 after 18 overs. Yuvraj Singh appeared revved up following their heated debate and hit the first ball of the 19th over for a six over midwicket. A deep point off a full toss, a second six over square-leg, a sixth six over long-off, and the first six over square-leg followed the first six. Broad was being relentlessly pummeled by Yuvraj, who appeared to be enjoying himself as well as the crowd.

Everyone expected a six-ball, six-six over, and as you might have anticipated from Yuvraj, he slogged the last ball over long-on to etch his name in the annals of six-ball, six-six overs in the annals of international cricket.

Kieron Pollard

A cricketer from the Caribbean named Kieron Pollard reached the list of international cricketers with the most sixes in six balls. Pollard is noted for his hard strikes that may end games. This particular strike happened in 2021 when chasing a modest total at home against Sri Lanka.

West Indies had to overtake Sri Lanka after they set a goal of 132 in the series opener between the two teams in Antigua. West Indies made a strong start and kept advancing toward the target. Right away, Sri Lanka got back in the game with a hat trick from Akila Dananjaya. Pollard stepped up to the bat and decided to take the initiative in the pursuit.

When Pollard mishit the first ball, it went over mid-wicket when it was meant to go over mid-on. The shot was powerful enough to break through the ropes. The next two sixes fell to the ground. Pollard scored 20 runs in just 7 pitches. He continued to humiliate Dananjaya in the next three deliveries and joined the list of 6 ball 6 6 records.

Jaskaran Malhotra

Jaskaran Malhotra was added to the list of 6 ball 6 six record holders after he hit Papa New Guinean Gaudi Toka for 36 runs in one over. The last over of the innings was being faced by American player Jaskaran, who had already reached a century. He started the over with a massive hit over long-on, followed by the following deliveries that included sixes all around the park, over covers, and over long-off. Jaskaran maintained his flawless record by finishing with 173 runs after surpassing 150 during the process. The USA won by a score of 135 runs after scoring 271 runs overall.

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