The Indian Premier League holds the title of being the most-watched Twenty20 competition in the world thanks to its excellent standards. The league has produced several young players who have gone on to have successful professional careers. Due to the popularity, money, and high degree of professionalism involved, even some members of the younger generation favor the IPL over first-class cricket. Here is a list of hitters who have scored the most fours in IPL history.

Any batter seeking to have a successful season in a tournament like the IPL must possess the ability to find boundaries frequently throughout innings. Due to field restrictions during powerplays, openers have a huge advantage, while the middle of the lineup must work harder to find openings.

In a competition like the IPL, a batter’s ability to find boundaries regularly throughout innings is a need for success. Openings have a significant advantage during powerplays due to field constraints, whereas the middle of the lineup must work harder to find opportunities.

Top 5 batters with most fours in IPL history – A brief list

Shikhar Dhawan191578434.842/44654
Virat Kohli199628337.395/42546
David Warner150544941.594/50525
Suresh Raina200552832.511/39506
Gautam Gambhir152421731.000/36492

Shikhar Dhawan

The IPL’s most prolific four-hitter, Shikhar Dhawan, the star opener for India, is dominating the rankings with a sizable advantage in the total number of fours he has hit in the competition. Dhawan has made 5784 runs at an average of 34.84 during the IPL, hitting 654 fours in the process. With 124 sixes to his record, he does not rate among the top ten six hitters in the tournament, but he more than makes up for it with a ton of boundaries. He has two centuries in the league so far, both of which happened in the IPL 2020 and both of which also came in back-to-back matches.

Virat Kohli

The Indian skipper Virat Kohli, who now holds the record for the most runs scored in the lucrative event, is second on the list of four-ball hits. He has 546 fours and 210 sixes in 199 games, which ranks second in the IPL for most fours, and a league-best batting average of 37.39. His IPL statistics show that he has 5 tons, 42 fifties, and a top score of 113 for his finest effort. He has only had four centuries, all of which came in the 2016 season when he also set a record with 973 runs.

David Warner

David Warner, Dhawan’s former opening partner and current captain of the Sunrisers Hyderabad, is ranked third on the list of cricketers. He has 525 fours in 150 innings of play in the tournament, falls third in the list of most fours in IPL, and has scored 5449 runs at an average of 41.59 runs per inning. Warner has hit four centuries in the championship tournament and has a total of 201 sixes in his career to date.

Suresh Raina

The third-place cricketer on the list is Sunrisers Hyderabad captain and erstwhile opening partner David Warner. He ranks third on the list of IPL players with the most fours (525), has played 150 innings of the tournament, and has tallied 5449 runs at an average of 41.59 runs per inning. Warner has a total of 201 sixes in his career to date and four centuries in the championship competition.

Gautham Gambhir

In terms of fours, Gautam Gambhir is placed sixth after leading the Kolkata Knight Riders to back-to-back IPL titles in 2012 and 2014. His 492 fours and 59 sixes in 152 innings have resulted in 4217 runs scored overall for the season. Gambhir has achieved 36 fifties overall, with the highest score in the IPL being 93. Despite the fact that he has never crossed the 100-run mark in the tournament, Gambhir has never been out for more than 100 runs.

Conclusion These are the best five batters in IPL history who have hit the most fours.  If you’re a real lover of cricket or sports in general, feel free to browse the website to learn more amazing and fascinating facts. Keep coming back to our site for more updates and exciting facts and stats.

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